of that crazy ginger girl around the block…

ImageGuys, I have a confession.

I’m a knitting addict.  Opera Lady and I have a huge stash of yarn, half of which I have no idea what to do with.  I honestly haven’t purchased that much of it anyways, but it’s so much.  It came from my great-aunt when we were cleaning out her apartment.  My step-mother ended up with an entire mini-van full of craft materials.  I am not lying when I say a mini-van full.  I know, pictures or it didn’t happen, but guys.  A mini-van.  And then I ended up with all the yarn.  It’s like a disease.  Or the Pied Piper – it just comes to me.

I don’t remember my grandma teaching me (the first time), but I do remember hitting high school and loving it again.  Mostly, right now I’m on a baby blanket spree.  If there’s a baby blanket pattern, you can bet it’s been pinned to my Pinterest board and that I have a plan for it.


This is my first blanket I made – clearly not for my own children because I’m only 25 and there’s still a 5 year wait on when both my mother and step-mother say I’m allowed to have children.  However, my mother thought this one was so cute, she insisted on paying me for it so she could gift it to her one co-worker.  Shocker – you can make money off of this!

However, the problem becomes when you find the adorable yarn store just. blocks. away.  It’s like a constant fight to not go and touch all the pretty yarns.

Ugh, focus.  Use the yarn your mama gave you.  Or in my case, my aunt.


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