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Wow. I really regret that workout.

“Wow. I really regret that workout.” – said no one ever

Here’s the thing.  I’m allergic to working out.

No really.  I break out in a sweat, I get red in the face, I can’t breathe…it’s a mess.

But sometimes you just have to push through it.  Like today, for example.  I usually go down to the gym in our office, do a half hour on the elliptical and then use the app Sworkit to get in some strength training.  I prefer the elliptical because it’s easier on my ankles – I know, I sound like an old woman.  25 and weak ankles.  And Sworkit is awesome.  It’s a circuit training app that lets you do five, ten minutes, etc.

But today I got down there and just couldn’t get into the cardio.  It probably didn’t help that a version of “Ring My Bell” that was about 10,000 minutes long came on.  Okay, more like 10, but it felt like.  Lots of cow bell.  I decided to do 15 minutes of yoga from Sworkit instead (another awesome feature of the app!).

And while I don’t feel as awesome as I usually do after a full half hour of cardio, I still got 15 minutes in and rocked it.

So, moral of the story.  Push through it and love it.



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I just had a wonderful staycation.

I know the term is kind of cliché, but that’s what it was.  I took a week off of work, the first three days were just bumming around the house and then Med Boy and I played the tourist over a long weekend.  We went to the Rivers Casino for lunch (they have one of the best lunch buffets every!  Sometimes we take long lunches and walk over since we’re right there – shh!!) then went to the Carnegie Science Center the first day.  It was kind of fun being big kids – I beat the robot at air hockey!  There’s a whole floor dedicated to robots there, since Carnegie Mellon University is such a big part of the city.

The best part of this vacation is since we’re 25 and child-less, we can switch it up without a care.  Friday was a little gross and dreary, so instead of going to Fayette County like we had planned, we decided to go back into the city and play around in Station Square.  Lobsters for lunch, the incline for dessert, and a Ducky tour for a finish!  Best part – they let me drive the Ducky boat.  I mean, they also let 5 year olds drive the boat, but it’s still cool.  Check out their website –  If you’re ever in Pittsburgh and looking for a good way to see some of the city, take this.  They’re kind of pricey, but they get good people to drive the boats.

I think my favorite part was Saturday – nature day!  We drove down to Laurel Caverns in Fayette County.  There were carvings in there from people who had explored the cave in the 1700s.  As Med Boy put it, that’s older than our country.  We were going to stop by Fort Necessity (since I’m a bit of a history nerd), but it was closed due to the government shutdown – oh well.  It wasn’t a planned trip, but it would’ve been nice.  Then we drove over to Ohiopyle, which is this awesome state park that’s build up in the Laurel Highlands.  There’s a natural water slide that’s built up over hundreds of years and then Cucumber Falls.  We hiked down to the river from there – my first real experience with hiking.  Lots of fun with the hopes of more to come!

Finished the weekend with a movie on Sunday afternoon – Captain Phillips.  Oh. My. God.  I cried.  We went to see it because Med Boy loves all things military – he gets any book written by a former Seal, he watches the military channel, he’s hard-core boy crushing on them.  But I loved it too – and not just for Tom Hanks.  Very touching, great movie.

There’s a gallery above with some of the highlights – check them out!

Sometimes a girl just needs a best friend…


Blair and Sarena – rulers of the Upper East Side

Sometimes a girl just needs a best friend.

Enter Opera Diva.

I’m not really sure when we decided to become best friends, but it has been over 5 years.  We met as college freshmen; she was in the same major as one of my dorm neighbors who I was friends with and then she started working in the theatre department as her work study.  By the end of school, we were BFFs.

And now we’re roommates.  And do all sorts of BFF things.  Like watch “Crazy, Stupid, Love” over and over and over and over and over and over…well, you get the idea.  The viewing number is definitely somewhere into triple digits now.  And eat each others crack Trader Joe almonds.  And pay for things at random for each other, but know it’ll all balance out in the end.

But I think the most important thing is I know if I walk in that door in tears, she’s right there for me.  Even if her schedule is crazy busy and I would most likely have to wait until 10p to actually see her.

ImageOur trip to Toronto – November 2011
Hockey Hall of Fame – Go Pens!!!

ImageGuys, I have a confession.

I’m a knitting addict.  Opera Lady and I have a huge stash of yarn, half of which I have no idea what to do with.  I honestly haven’t purchased that much of it anyways, but it’s so much.  It came from my great-aunt when we were cleaning out her apartment.  My step-mother ended up with an entire mini-van full of craft materials.  I am not lying when I say a mini-van full.  I know, pictures or it didn’t happen, but guys.  A mini-van.  And then I ended up with all the yarn.  It’s like a disease.  Or the Pied Piper – it just comes to me.

I don’t remember my grandma teaching me (the first time), but I do remember hitting high school and loving it again.  Mostly, right now I’m on a baby blanket spree.  If there’s a baby blanket pattern, you can bet it’s been pinned to my Pinterest board and that I have a plan for it.


This is my first blanket I made – clearly not for my own children because I’m only 25 and there’s still a 5 year wait on when both my mother and step-mother say I’m allowed to have children.  However, my mother thought this one was so cute, she insisted on paying me for it so she could gift it to her one co-worker.  Shocker – you can make money off of this!

However, the problem becomes when you find the adorable yarn store just. blocks. away.  It’s like a constant fight to not go and touch all the pretty yarns.

Ugh, focus.  Use the yarn your mama gave you.  Or in my case, my aunt.

The Past is Another Land…



A phrase like this always gets me because I have so many people in my past who I sometimes miss and I know I shouldn’t.  I know that they’re no good for me.  But then I think “where would I be without them?”  There are some people who helped me come out of a shell, who released a different side of me, if only for a few hours or days.  Then there are those who taught me some really hard life lessons: who tell what to, where you put something for everyone to see, the proper way to let someone out of your life.


And then I think about the people who are going to be in my future.  Opera Diva.  Med Boy.  Iowa Lady and Momma Lady.  The ones who I know can teach me something new about myself all the time.  And I realize that without the people from my past, my future would be no where near what it is today.


So here’s to the past and the people who made me and the future and the people who’ll love me.

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