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Suzy Homemaker

So, folks, sometimes I get uber domestic and do something really crafty like this:

IMG_0882Now, don’t get all impressed and think I did this all in one day – hell no!  This took about 3 months.  But I’m uber proud of it and will show it off to the world.

And then I also did this:


Those, my dear friends, are pumpkin gingersnap cookies, already for “Thanksgiving” dinner at the farm on Saturday.  Yum!  Now, least you think I am a baking goddess and many praises should be laid at my feet, the recipe for these little delightful balls of bliss actually came from Two Peas and their Pod (the link takes you directly to the recipe).  BTW, the four missing from the far cooling rack probably ended up in my stomach when it was just poor cookie dough – but cookie dough doesn’t have calories, so I’m in the clear, right???

There is something actually kind of enjoyable about sitting there kind of comatose and knitting a bunch of rows or throwing things in a bowl and seeing it become something that you can share and bring enjoyment to other people lives.

I’ve come to realize though, I’m a bit of a stress baker – not that these cookies were the result of a stress baking.  Back in April, one of my college roommate lost a battle with drug addiction and when Candice (who had been her best friend growing up) got home that night, there was food galore in that house – including a recipe for buttermilk pie that wasn’t terrible.  However, I can see stress baking becoming a huge factor in the next couple of months because…

…I’m applying for grad school (you all thought I was going to say Sam and I got engaged, didn’t you?  Natch, not yet kiddos!)  I’m only applying to two programs and I don’t know that they’re particularly difficult to get into.  My biggest concern (at the moment) is the math section of the GRE I’ll have to take to get apply to the program at Pitt.  Send up a prayer for me?


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