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One small step…

Today is a very exciting day for me y’all (yes, I use the word y’all, even when I type).

Today, I am making the first of many final payments on a loan!ImageYes, I’m nerdy enough to take a picture of it.  But, guys, this is a big deal!  And it’s really only possible because of a VERY generous Christmas gift from my aunt and uncle (THANK YOU AGAIN AUNT SKIPPER AND UNCLE D!! – and yes, they already got a phone call AND a thank you note, besides a shout out here – that they’ll probably never see).

So, as to what I’ll do with the butt-loads of money I’ll have now?  Yea, right…the loan payment was actually only $30 a month, but, guys, that’s $30 a month I can now spend however I want.  Though, to be honest, I know exactly where that monthly payment will go – savings and my kajillion other loans.

Okay, maybe not kajillion, but still, I did graduate with a fair number – not as bad as some, but significantly more than if I had gone to Indiana U. of PA like my mom kind of wanted.

But if I had gone there, I know I wouldn’t be where I am now and that’s such a great place that sometimes I kind of just have to stop and go “God, I am so lucky.  Thank you.”


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