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I just had a wonderful staycation.

I know the term is kind of cliché, but that’s what it was.  I took a week off of work, the first three days were just bumming around the house and then Med Boy and I played the tourist over a long weekend.  We went to the Rivers Casino for lunch (they have one of the best lunch buffets every!  Sometimes we take long lunches and walk over since we’re right there – shh!!) then went to the Carnegie Science Center the first day.  It was kind of fun being big kids – I beat the robot at air hockey!  There’s a whole floor dedicated to robots there, since Carnegie Mellon University is such a big part of the city.

The best part of this vacation is since we’re 25 and child-less, we can switch it up without a care.  Friday was a little gross and dreary, so instead of going to Fayette County like we had planned, we decided to go back into the city and play around in Station Square.  Lobsters for lunch, the incline for dessert, and a Ducky tour for a finish!  Best part – they let me drive the Ducky boat.  I mean, they also let 5 year olds drive the boat, but it’s still cool.  Check out their website –  If you’re ever in Pittsburgh and looking for a good way to see some of the city, take this.  They’re kind of pricey, but they get good people to drive the boats.

I think my favorite part was Saturday – nature day!  We drove down to Laurel Caverns in Fayette County.  There were carvings in there from people who had explored the cave in the 1700s.  As Med Boy put it, that’s older than our country.  We were going to stop by Fort Necessity (since I’m a bit of a history nerd), but it was closed due to the government shutdown – oh well.  It wasn’t a planned trip, but it would’ve been nice.  Then we drove over to Ohiopyle, which is this awesome state park that’s build up in the Laurel Highlands.  There’s a natural water slide that’s built up over hundreds of years and then Cucumber Falls.  We hiked down to the river from there – my first real experience with hiking.  Lots of fun with the hopes of more to come!

Finished the weekend with a movie on Sunday afternoon – Captain Phillips.  Oh. My. God.  I cried.  We went to see it because Med Boy loves all things military – he gets any book written by a former Seal, he watches the military channel, he’s hard-core boy crushing on them.  But I loved it too – and not just for Tom Hanks.  Very touching, great movie.

There’s a gallery above with some of the highlights – check them out!


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