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Thanksgiving joy and love

ImageA totally new and different Thanksgiving for me this year.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  This year, I spent it with Sam and his family, though not the original plan.

I was going to go to my mom’s, since she’ll be out of town over Christmas (typically I give Thanksgiving to Padre and the farm).  However, with Gobble-geddon slowly approaching and making a trip over the Laurel Highlands possibly quite treacherous, we opted out of that.  So, to the Griswalds (his mom’s family – their nickname, not mine!) and the Fire-house (his dad – both he and his dad are members of the VFD) I went!

Now, this is new for me – 1. spending it with people other than my family.   Sam is the first guy I’ve seriously dated especially over the holidays, so to even have to have a “where are we spending the holidays” conversation was weird, which brings me to 2. spending the holidays with a significant other’s family. 

But, it was totally awesome and perfect.  His mom has a fair number of siblings and they all do the holidays together – all of his aunts and uncles except for one who doesn’t live in the area were there.  But the best part was that I was totally a part of it.  My dad’s step-mother didn’t really welcome us to the family and since the majority of the people present were her kids and their families, it was difficult.  This was something completely different – hugs all around and just lots of noise and love.  I’ve been to other family functions there, and this was just the icing on top (one of those functions, funnily enough, they wanted me to stop by, even though Sam was at work and couldn’t make it). 

Thanksgiving at the Firehouse was much smaller – just the two of us, his sister, her boyfriend, and one of their friends, but filled with just as much love.  After Dez and Tom had left, Sam and I ended up sitting around for a few hours talking with the ‘rents.  It was nice to just relax.

To me, the funniest part of the whole day was that he lives within walking distance of each of these houses, so it was all on foot.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and has a wonderful Christmas season to look forward too!


“How much good inside a day? Depends on how good you live ’em.”

Do you have one person who makes you want to be a better person?

It’s hit me slowly, but I’m realizing I do – Sam (Med-Boy – I decided I don’t like that nickname, so I’m dropping it). 

Sometimes, out of the blue, we’ll be in the middle of a conversation and he just says something and I look at him and think “God, I am so lucky to have found someone who thinks like I do.”  Or I’ll just kind of look at him and I know I have this goopy look on my face because what he’s just said makes me so happy to be with him.

I think it hit me most prominently on Sunday.  We were at Giant Eagle and the food bank was there, handing out lists of what they needed.  So, I grabbed a double pack of peanut butter for them.  And, as I always do, I used my reusable  bags (which, I have an impressive collection, if I do say so myself).  Sam made a comment on the way out, which was said in a total joking matter, about how much good I had just done in that one trip, donating to the food bank and saving the environment by using my cloth bags.  And I laughed.

But then I realized I wanted to be a better person for him.

But then it hit me again this afternoon.  I was coming down East Street on the North Side and there was a homeless man walking down the side of the road.  And I had extra water bottles from an event I had just come from.  So I gave him one.  It’s not much to me – I didn’t pay for it, they were sitting in my car.  But who knows what it meant to him. 

And it hit me that I want to be a better person for me.

I want to know that I’m being the best that I can be because I can.  Not because I’m trying to prove something to someone.  I’m certainly encouraged by Sam, but if he disappeared tomorrow (please God that he doesn’t), but if he did – I think I would still want to be a better person.

But he certainly sparked something.  Because he’s right – no one should be without a roof over their heads or without something to eat.  And I have been blessed with an abundance of both of those things.  Everything else is really just a blessing.

So, today, I ask you to pass the blessing on.  It doesn’t have to be big – it can be as simple as purchasing a $3 double pack of peanut butter.  But do you how many sandwiches can be come from one of those jars?

To quote Shel Silverstein: “How much good inside a day?  Depends on how good you live ’em.”

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