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I probably should name this…

Right, so that whole posting to a blog thing – you actually have to sit down and do it, don’t you??

I told you guys, I’m terrible at this.  But there are some exciting things to share with everyone.

So, number 1 – I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL!  Honestly, it wasn’t a huge stress factor as I made it out to be.  I’m sure I had glowing recommendations from the people I requested and I had a fairly good GPA from Seton Hill when I graduated.  However, about an hour after I got the letter, there was a sinking feeling in my stomach about how the hell I was going to pay for this – donations anyone??  Haha, kidding (only kind of) but I’ll figure it out.  As Amy told me, I have to think of it as an investment in myself. 

Second exciting thing is I got cast in a show with Stage Right out of Boyd Community Center.  It’s called The Musical of Musicals (the Musical).  It’s mainly exciting because, really, I’ve done musicals before, but this is the first one where I’ll be playing a large role.  It’s also a tiny cast (4 actors and the pianist), but still…it’s exciting for me.  Like the first validation of my singing talent.

Also, I’ve decided I want to start a weekly book review – hopefully it will encourage me to read more (and post more) and actually hone in on my reviewing skills.  My book review skills are actually kind of pathetic for as well as I did in English and how often I read.  But practice makes perfect, right?  So, once I figure out when I want to do them, I’ll start posting them regularly.  And maybe posting them on Facebook – eek!


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