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Perspective is a beautiful thing…

You know those weeks where the world just comes crashing down on you? Your bank account is low, work is uber stressful, something your boyfriend said rubbed you the wrong way…any number of things.

That was essentially me last week. Lots of closed doors and whispers at work. Payday wasn’t soon enough. Sam found out he has to work the weekend of Thanksgiving so that means him coming with me was out. I’ve been stage managing a show and it was tech week.

I had hit my limit.

Big, heaving sobs. Could barely talk to my mother about all the things bothering me without bursting into tears again. Crying face to the extreme: puffy, red eyes, bright blue eyes, red all over – I’m such an ugly crier.

And I wanted to do something about it but realized that all these things that were upsetting me, I couldn’t really do a damn thing about. What will be will be.

At work, all I could was put my best foot forward and hope that was enough (it was).

Sam couldn’t change his work schedule, so on to Plan B (to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving and I’ll see him when I get home).

Tech week is only that, a week (we’re now in performance and I have my weeks back).

Long story not so short, just going through the list and realizing what was wrong and how much I could actually affect it helped calm me down and put everything in perspective.

Now of only I could get a bus driver who doesn’t use the brake quite so frequently.

What are your ways of putting things into perspective?


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