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Do you ever just find yourself wondering how you got to a certain point some days?  It’s been hitting me a lot recently, but I think the most recent was yesterday evening.

I was leaving work to attend a production meeting for the show I’m currently stage managing and my brain just kind of went “How did you end up here right now?”  There are so many different paths my life could have taken if I had said “yes” to one thing or “no” to another.  And they could be little things, not just the big ones, like college or internships.

And random side note: “Just Say Yes” by Snow Patrol was just playing on Pandora as I was typing that.

And it’s so true – saying “yes” or “no” can completely change your life.  I know everyone says “learn to say no,” “don’t stress yourself out over the word no” and all sorts of things like that, but I sometimes wonder if we don’t give enough emphasis to just letting ourselves say “yes.”  To letting ourselves experience something new and jumping in with both feet, guns a-blazing.

Yes, I will go on a date with you.

Yes, I will take that job.

Yes, I will work my butt off to get into this college.

Yes, I will live my life.

Yes, I will drive the ducky boat.

In case you’re wondering, that last one is a yes that 1) I took and 2) people would think of as really tiny and why do it?  But ya know what?  I had a great time driving the ducky boat.  It’s a fun story I get to tell.

I think it’s something I need to do more in my life – putting myself out there and just doing and being.

Yes, I will finally buckle down and study for the GMAT.

Yes, I will start finding a mentor.

Yes, I will finally start working on grad school, finances be damned.

Well not really damned – I’m still a pragmatic fool.

And as for the word “yes” I leave you all with this gem: The Yes Dance.  Warning: kind of graphic and may be inappropriate for younger eyes.  And possibly older eyes.


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